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Search a Product came about after a friend one day asked questions about how to sell products online, how to attract customers to their website, how to buy domains, how to build a website, can you really earn an income online which at the time I believed was a simple thing to find out about.


I told him to look on Youtube but when we spoke again he told me there were so many videos with life experience dribble and who could he believe was giving the right advice. I knew then that his patience had run out. He then said “all I want is a video that focuses on what I need to know, where to go, click here etc.


He asked me to do a video for him, which I did and now I continue on Search a Product and in Search a Product Members Portal to help others find helpful videos, articles, PDF, tutorials, strategies, advice and information about online/offline product development and marketing. 


If you feel you would like help also and are an individual or in business and looking for helpful resources for creating and marketing products online then visit Search a Product for an alternate option.


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